Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Running is fabulous. It can be on your own, with a friend, with a group or some cases with thousands of other runners. The reasons can be one or more of many; to lose weight, for general fitness, to relieve stress, to raise money, to be alone, to be with friends....the list goes on. I remember the first time I tried to run and after 30 seconds was quite certain I was in the throngs of a full blown heart attack. The thought of running one mile was inconceivable. But I have now done two half marathons, a few 5k's and just recently my first 10k race. Sure, I have run 6 miles before. Heck, I did it earlier in the week. But race day is different! For this particular race I found myself quite nervous. It was a run for the YMCA and being an employee I felt I had some role to represent the health and fitness staff. Well, after all was said and done I beat my goal of 66 minutes. I finished in 63:38!!!!
This is me "sprinting" to the end!

Crossing the finish line!

Kyle and I....rehydrating. I may have forgotten to mention that Kyle also participated in the run. Kyle actually did the 1/2 marathon and WON!!!!! He is amazing and I am so proud of him.

This is Kyle "recreating" his winning finish! He made much better time than he predicted and my niece wasn't ready with the camera. That will teach him to be Speedy Gonzales!

Last, but not least....."Team LDS"! We should have made shirts. Kyle, Lissa and Melissa all did the 1/2 Marathon. It was Lissa's first and she did great. Charlie and I did the 10k, he beat me...but wait till next year!

Monday, August 31, 2009

All Grown Up.....

Can you believe it, my boys are "all" grown up....that's to say they are all in school. Tyler started 7th grade and the teen years are two months away. Pray for me! Brendan is in the 4th grade and has one less year of school than his brothers...little smarty pants skipped first grade. Pray for me. And Keaton, he started kindergarten and is just as smart as his older brother and as good at sports as his oldest brother and as mouthy as his mom. Pray for his teacher! As for me I am staying home to relax, read, take luxurious bubble baths and of course eat bon-bons.

Life is good!

One of my favorite pictures. Tyler had already left for the bus. He informed us that he was old enough to go to school on his own and didn't need us to take him anymore. We'll see what happens when he starts high school!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leading Ladies Half Marathon

This was a blast and my second half marathon...and now I have run a full marathon!

My mom, my friend Jessica and I went to run the Leading Ladies Half Marathon in Spearfish, SD. It was an all ladies all down hill race. This was my second 1/2 marathon as well as Jessica's. However, this was the first for my mom. Way to go Mom!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kristin, this is for you!

Kyle, Keaton, and Lynie. Congratulations Graduate! Watch out kindergarten here he comes. Okay Kristin, I am finally posting something.

Most of this video is the right direction....the end changes to a vertical angle. Don't know how to fix it. This is at Keaton's preschool graduation and parents got to sing with the kids!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Move over Beethoven....

This weekend was my third piano recital.....why do I continue to do this to myself? The great part about it was I had fun playing a duet with my friend Kailey (that's her in the picture). The bad part was I played a solo titled El Torro. A couple guys came up to me after and asked if I was having nicotine withdrawals? They could see my hands shaking from 15 feet away! Oh, well it's over and I don't have to do it for another year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Sew the Bag......

This is my hobby! I make bags and I love it. I took a class in December of 2007 where I made my first one. After that I was hooked. I have made the original (above) and also a smaller size (which is a nice purse) and even a larger size.
This second bag is called "Pocket Parade", it is a great diaper bag.....however I did a little math and reduced the size and it is a great purse!!! I have actually sold some of my bags, given some as gifts and helped others make them for themselves or gifts. All in all I have made about 40.

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist
Keaton looks a little crazy, and boy was that playdough STICKY!