Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Running is fabulous. It can be on your own, with a friend, with a group or some cases with thousands of other runners. The reasons can be one or more of many; to lose weight, for general fitness, to relieve stress, to raise money, to be alone, to be with friends....the list goes on. I remember the first time I tried to run and after 30 seconds was quite certain I was in the throngs of a full blown heart attack. The thought of running one mile was inconceivable. But I have now done two half marathons, a few 5k's and just recently my first 10k race. Sure, I have run 6 miles before. Heck, I did it earlier in the week. But race day is different! For this particular race I found myself quite nervous. It was a run for the YMCA and being an employee I felt I had some role to represent the health and fitness staff. Well, after all was said and done I beat my goal of 66 minutes. I finished in 63:38!!!!
This is me "sprinting" to the end!

Crossing the finish line!

Kyle and I....rehydrating. I may have forgotten to mention that Kyle also participated in the run. Kyle actually did the 1/2 marathon and WON!!!!! He is amazing and I am so proud of him.

This is Kyle "recreating" his winning finish! He made much better time than he predicted and my niece wasn't ready with the camera. That will teach him to be Speedy Gonzales!

Last, but not least....."Team LDS"! We should have made shirts. Kyle, Lissa and Melissa all did the 1/2 Marathon. It was Lissa's first and she did great. Charlie and I did the 10k, he beat me...but wait till next year!


  1. way to go you guys!! you are my insiration, when I grow up I want to get up off the couch and be like you. I'm not joking:)hfg

  2. You are awesome! We should have made tshirts! I love running and am so glad we can share that love!


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